Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is
This is a website designed and developed, to help people who are going to apply for a saudi arabia driving license.

Q2. Is the material available on orignal?
We have tried to collect and put together all the materials including Sign Reference, Driving ebook, procedure for applying a license and Computer questions, Videos in one place. This covers 98% of the Driving License test material.

Q3. Is registration compulsory?

Q4. How secured is my information?
Your information is very secure. We have 128-bit SSL secured pages so no one can access you data.

Q5. Is payment required for Computer test quiz?
First 10 questions are free on registration but for more questions, you have to pay 30 Saudi Riyal.

Q6. What forms of payment do you accept?
We are one of the first websites who accept mobile recharge cards of SAWA or MOBILY of 10 Riyal amount.

Q7. What if I want a refund?
Once you pay, your voucher numbers are sent to the respective companies for processing. It is impossible for us to give a refund.

Q8. How much reliable is this website?
We are GoDaddy Online Business certified and we have a 24 hours help desk to assist you around the clock.

Q9. What is the time required to process a payment?
Normally a payment is processed within 12 Hours but we try to process as fast as possible.

Q11. If I fail a test, will this website assist me?
The Quiz or any other content paid or unpaid will be available for you as long as possible.

Q12. I didnot receive a verification code?
Just send an email to with your username and we will verify you as soon as possible.

Q13. How can I send new material which can help people?
Kindly send the material to, with your name to be published on the website. We appreciate your contribution and you will be given due credit.